Thursday, 29 September 2011

Customise Virtuemart Manufacturers Logos

I'm using a Joomla module called mod_vm_manufacturers_logos  - Which displays the logos of my Manufactures for me.  I've got it to look like this

Which you'll be able to see on the website Cornwall Clothing Shop when it goes live.

Any way I need to do a couple of things here.  Firstly I wanted to limit the images to 6 and secondly exclude one of the manufacturers.

OPEN  modules/mod_vm_manufacturers_logos/helper.php


$query_all .= "ORDER BY m.mf_name ASC";


$query_all .= "WHERE m.manufacturer_id != 8 ";
$query_all .= "ORDER BY m.mf_name ASC";
 $query_all .= " LIMIT 0, 6 ";

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