Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Windows 7 cursor freeze, connect the ericsson j1012 to skype and What is Ashampoo Snap

I was out fixing a computer last night and here's where the problems and solution

Windows 7 cursor freeze - after some research it was apparent this was only a happening when using Internet Explorer. So getting rid of IE and using Firefox was an easy solution.

Here's a link on somemore solutions if that doesn't solve it. Windows 7 on laptop cursor wont move

How to connect the ericsson j1012 to skype

It's not possible - just visit www.skype.com/m from your mobile to find out.

What is Ashampoo Snap

This program takes pics and vids of anything you have on the screen.

I think I'm going to give this program a try as it'll be useful for me to make help video and also I can take surfing clips of youtube to improve my surfing :)

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