Sunday, 4 September 2011

How much would it cost to make 'MY' website ?

I recently got emailed a link to fairly simple website and asked how much it's cost to recreate. I thought the answer may be worth saving for the record.

The old 'how much is a website' question is a bit like asking 'how long a piece of string is. A better way to be honest is for me to tell you what you can do within the budget that you have for your website.
However if you're looking to keep the cost down then the following is a guide.

Things you'll need to buy.

Your Domain Name - £10 a year
Hosting - £4.99 a month


At present I'm not quite sure about the design . However this style of website looks like a Wordpress website. They're fairly easy to use for 'Joe Public' and have a blogging style to them. I can set you up a webspace with the domain you want and add Wordpress for you ( no charge ) and send you some help files on how to set up a skin and pages etc. If you get stuck jump in a tidy up the design and anything you've struggled with. From scratch given a design I can do a website from £200 , so at worst it shouldn't cost anymore than that for a fairly simple website like this.


What I'd done for Sean was mostly work on the 'Google Organic Listings' and not Google Adwords but I can do both.
If you check the first image on this blog I wrote it shows where Google Adwords and the Google Organic searches are displayed .

For the 'organic listings' I do a £25 a month budget where I monititor chosen key phrases and submit to all major search engines, site map, link build and give advice on improvements for search engine listings.

For Adwords listing I can offer £30s worth of free Google Advertising for a campaign. Setup is £25 and you'll need to put another £20 on the account. That makes £50 worth of Google Adwords advertising which should last 3 months if targetted properly. I have a couple of customers who are seeing some really good results from this method. For you we can aim campaigns at mobile devices - like smart phones and sat navs. And get your ad included on google Street Maps.

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