Thursday, 8 September 2011

Joomla - Join the Conversation Twitter Box

Joomla - Join the Conversation Twitter Box

You'll have noticed plenty of the Twitter - Join the conservation boxes around recently.

If you're using Joomla the this ones worth a check Tweet Display 1901

The only thing was at the bottom of the box I was getting a heap of characters my display didn't recognise

Here's how to get rid of it
open modules/mod_tweetdisplay_1901/mod_tweetdisplay_1901.php

online 96 find

< center >< div style="color:#999;margin-bottom:3px;font-size:9px"> **** ðñïþèçóç éóôïóåëßäáò< /span >< /a>< /div>< /center>

And change the text  ðñïþèçóç éóôïóåëßäáò - ;)

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